Adimus Natur


When, where and however humanity appeared, she already had a home - nature.

She already had many different neighbors - the other animals and life-forms.

Adimus Natur is a knowledge company with animals and nature in focus. We know that people need more nature and more knowledge of nature for their physical and mental well-being. The untamed nature, everyone's "original home", also helps us understand ourselves, our own nature. Therefore, nature is not only health promotion, but vital for human societies.

Mankind today has more knowledge of nature than ever before and at the same time modern people are more alien to nature than ever before. Untamed nature is becoming increasingly rare and distant by the rapid urbanisation and by the destruction, impoverishment and transformation of such nature for industrial production.

I hope over time to give nature as such, a greater value and higher status for people.

Our objectives and areas of activity:

- Building and maintaining a knowledge bank on animals and nature

- Guidance and other supervising to nature

- Presentations, lectures, courses, training

- Making hard-to-reach knowledge accessible and useful

- Develop new knowledge through research and investigation

- Field work, e.g. bird censuses and monitoring

- Increase international knowledge exchange on animals, nature and ecosystems

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